Introducing Wai Tours’ Blog

Introducing Wai Tours’ Blog

After starting the tour journey in November I had the pleasure to take groups to some of the most known wineries in Martinborough. At Wai Tours we tailor private tours to your needs. Whether you love wine, discover hidden gems or are in need of a mystery day to explore, enjoy walks or like to travel back in time, there is something for everyone – Wine Tours, Day Tours to Castlepoint, Shopping Days in Greytown and Martinborough, Gourmet Lovers Tour, Themed Special Occasions Tours, we are catering for every occasion.

I also specialised in Garden Tours. I am now offering the Garden Lovers and Foodies Delights Tour, where I show you a mix of private gardens and open garden combined with wine tastings, cheese tasting, honey tasting or other interests you might want to include.

We are very lucky to have three wine regions within the Wairarapa, Masterton, Gladstone and Martinborough, Masterton being the oldest. To show you these regions is our passion.

Therefore; watch out for regular updates and links about the Wairarapa and beyond :-)!

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